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Expectations of Barcelona

Expectations of the city

Last year I´ve decided to come to Barcelona, not just for the course (however I thought it would be interesting as well) but for the city. Last year we had some meetings with students did the same Erasmus course. They were very enthousiastic about everything, so we became enthousiastic as well. After their story´s I expected Barcelona to be a lively, cultural, beautifull city and now I´ve been here I experience that this is true!
Of course I tried to learn something about Barcelona and it´s culture before I went here, I didn´t know a lot about it, but I think it´s always very diverend when you actually come here.
I prepared myself with books, I looked on the internet a lot and I´ve talked to people who had been here already. But still, it´s hard to get a good picture about how it´s going to be. Because Barcelona is very touristic, there is much information about it, but the information is more about the famous touristic attractions (Gaudi, beaches, las Ramblas etc.), it was harder to find out how just every day live is in this city.
Since I´ve been here, I forgot all about what I´ve read before and I´m try to experience a lot of the culture in person and want to see as much as I can. This way I learn the most, I think.
The picture in my head about the city is now more concrete, but is still open for changing, because every day I see more things that I didn´t know before.

The Catalan culture

We also have to write about something about what we think and expected about the Catalan culture. But actually I didn´t know before that it was such an important thing for the people over here. I knew that this regio has an different culture, with some special traditions, but I was surprised to know that they don´t want to see themselves as Spanisch!
Now I know a little bit about the culture, I think it´s special that they are so aware of there culture and traditions.

The course

As I´ve said, I didn´t came here for the course, but I think it´s going to be very interesting. I still don´t really know how the subjects are going to be, but I have great expectations about it! The subjects we already had, Spanisch and Approach to Catalan Culture, where good to start with I think. Now I know a little bit more about the culture and the language, so I don´t feel like I´m just a tourist visiting this city!

Jet Bosdijk


Blogger Graham said...

Well, that's the idea Jet, so I'm glad you're coming to terms with the culture and having an intense experience in the city. and it's only just begun!


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