dilluns, d’octubre 18, 2004

Feelings about Catalunya

We've got the assignment to intervieuw people, and ask, how they think about Catalunya and if Catalunya should be independend.
I asked our landlady, she's a girl, I think about 27 years old and is really Catalan. She feld also really Catalan, prefered to talk in that language and was proud of the Catalan culture. But she wasn't sure if Catalunya shoud be independend. She thought that it wouldn't really make a difference for her personally in her every day life. She thought that it's good as it is, Catalunya as a part of Spain, but with his own traditions and language.
She also told about her family. Her parents were really proud Catalans and would prefer that Catalunya was independend. She told that they thought this way because of Franco and that his dictatorship really made a difference in the feelings about Catalunya.
I also talked about this subject with some classmates from my English Workshop. I discovered that it was not really importend for them that Catalunya becomes independend. They feel Catalan because of the way the're brought up and the traditions they know, but they are more open to the rest of Spain. They thought it was stupid to say that it is an insult to say they're Spanish.
What I think, is that older people have stronger feelings about Catalunya, maybe because they've experienced how it was with Franco. Younger people are also proud of Catalunya, but are more open to the rest of Spain (and maybe also to the rest of the world). But it is a small conclusion, that I made after speaking to only a few persons!